Help Pass Constitutional Carry!

Chip in $10!

In half of all states in America, gun owners can carry firearms without begging government for permission or add their name to a government database, and its past time the state of Florida gets on board and passes Constitutional Carry

Representative Chuck Brannan has introduced this bill to get Florida out of the rights regulation business, and to recognize our God-given right to keep and bear arms!

And Governor DeSantis has been calling for this bill to be passed and put on his desk, so this is a no brainer – but weak House and Senate leadership have been killing this legislation for years and stopping it from advancing here in Florida.

Here at Florida Gun Owners, we are launching a massive, statewide campaign designed to put MAXIMUM pressure on the politicians in Tallahassee demanding that they immediately take up and pass Constitutional Carry. So please send your emails to your State Representative and State Senator NOW!

And when you’re finished, become a member of Florida Gun Owners today – Florida’s ONLY no-compromise grassroots gun rights group!