Tell Governor DeSantis to Repeal Red Flags!

With Governor Ron DeSantis on the campaign trail, he needs every single gun vote he possibly can to have any chance of winning the Republican nomination for President.

You see, while he travels the country stumping for his campaign, gun owners here in Florida know that more needs to be done to expand and restore our gun rights.

One major way he can shore up his pro-gun credentials and fight for freedom is by calling the Florida Legislature back into session to repeal our Red Flag Gun Confiscation Law!

DeSantis has already been in the media calling Red Flag laws, “unconstitutional.” But we all know talk is cheap. The time for action is right now.

That’s why every Florida gun owner needs to sign the official petition to Governor DeSantis urging him to repeal Florida’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation law immediately!

After you’ve signed your petition to Governor DeSantis, please chip in whatever you can afford to give, so Florida Gun Owners can put the pressure on DeSantis to fight for our gun rights!