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Stop the Gun-Control OMNIBUS Bill in Tallahassee!

The Radical Left is working hard to pass State Representative Christine Hunschofsky’s (D-Parkland) gun-control OMNIBUS bill, HB291!

And it’s bad, VERY BAD. Listen to this:

  1. Universal Gun Registration – The hallmark of Bloomberg’s gun-control agenda, it has one goal – register every single gun owner in the state. Why? Outlawing the private sale of firearms unless they are tracked, traced, and registered is the precursor to total gun confiscation.
  2. Mandatory Gun Lockups – Otherwise known as “Safe Storage Laws” get good people killed, because they force innocent people to lock up their firearms, in their own home, leaving them defenseless against attackers and thugs when seconds count.
  3. Outlaws 3D Printing of Gun Parts and “Ghost Guns” Without a License – The government can’t confiscate firearms that they don’t know exist. That’s exactly why they want to ourlaw the private sale of firearms, and why they don’t want any Floridian making their own firearms or parts at home without their permission.

These are only three parts of Christine Hunschofsky’s bill, and we could go on!

Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters from across the state must fight back, HARD to stop this! And don’t think that it can’t happen here in Florida.

Remember, Hunschofsky was the architect behind the gun control package that was passed in 2018 after the Parkland shootings, that was passed by ‘Republicans’ and signed into law by our Republican Governor Rick Scott!

So please sign your official petition against this bill to your State Representative and State Senator, urging them to stop, block, and vote NO on this bill if it comes up for a vote at the Capitol!

And after you’ve taken action, please consider chipping in $50, $25, or at least $17.76 to help Florida Gun Owners identify and mobilize more gun owners to this fight!