House Judiciary Committee: Pass HB1543 NOW!

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In 2018, Republican legislators passed a series of gun control bills after the wake of the Parkland shooting.

One of the proposals that was passed banned Florida adults aged 18-20 from being able to legally purchase firearms.

It’s shameful that these legal adults can fight and die for their country and carry a rifle on the battlefields of the world for America, but when they return home, they are banned from purchsing guns here in Florida.

Rep. Bobby Payne’s House Bill 1543 would right this wrong and restore the gun rights of legal Florida adults 18-20 years old.

Help us hammer this common-sense bill into law by sending the House Judiciary Committee members a pre-written email demanding that they take this bill up and hammer it to the House floor for a vote immediately!

And when you’re finished taking action, please become a member of Florida Gun Owners today so we can fight for your gun rights in Tallahassee and in Washington, D.C. by clicking here!