Take Action: Pass Constitutional Carry!

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Three Republican Legislatures passed Constitutional Carry only months ago, including both Georgia and Alabama, and now gun owners in a stunning twenty-five states can carry firearms without begging government permission or add their name to the government’s database!

And while Governor Ron DeSantis is publicly demanding that the bill be passed through the legislature and put on his desk for signing, Senate and House Republican leadership in Tallahassee are BLOCKING the bill and stopping it from advancing.

Florida Gun Owners is executing our plan to change that, just like our sister organizations did in Georgia, Ohio and Alabama this year.

We’re launching a massive, statewide campaign designed to put MAX PRESSURE on the politicians in Tallahassee demanding that the Florida General Assembly pass this bill, so please sign your petition right away!

And when you’re finished, become a member of Florida Gun Owners – Florida’s ONLY no-compromise grassroots gun lobby!