Amend and Pass HB543 to Legalize Open Carry!

Chip in $10!

In half of all states in America, gun owners can carry firearms without begging government for permission or add their name to a government database, and its past time the state of Florida gets on board and passes a REAL Constitutional Carry bill

With Governor DeSantis calling for this bill to be passed and put on his desk, and a large pro-gun majority in Tallahassee, there is absolutely no excuse why a full-orbed REAL Constitutional Carry bill can’t pass here in Florida.

Rep. Chuck Brannan introduced HB543 to get Florida out of the rights regulation business, but it is severely lacking!

Here’s the problem. The bill doesn’t legalize open carry – that’s absurd!

The floor vote on this bill is happening on March 23, demand your State Representative suspend the House rules, as well as sponsor a REAL open carry amendment on the floor to HB543 that legalizes the open carry of all legal weapons and holsters, and then hammer the bill over to the Senate NOW!

And when you’re finished, become a member of Florida Gun Owners today – Florida’s ONLY no-compromise grassroots gun rights group!