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In half of all states in America, gun owners can carry firearms, open or concealed, without begging government for permission or add their name to a government database, and its past time the state of Florida gets on board and passes a REAL Constitutional Carry bill

Senator Jay Collins and Representative Chuck Brannan have both introduced Permitless Concealed Carry bills, SB150 and HB543.

Here’s the problem. These bills doesn’t legalize open carry just like every other ‘red’ state in America – that’s absurd!

With Governor DeSantis calling for this bill to be passed and put on his desk, and a large pro-gun majority in Tallahassee, there is absolutely no excuse why a full-orbed REAL Constitutional Carry bill can’t pass here in Florida.

Here at Florida Gun Owners, we are launching a massive, statewide campaign designed to put MAXIMUM pressure on the politicians in Tallahassee demanding that they immediately take up and pass a REAL Constitutional Carry bill.

So please call or text Senate President Kathleen Passidomo using her phone number below and then send a pre-written email to her as well as your State Senator demanding they stop upholding Janet Reno’s open carry ban and FIGHT for Florida gun owners!

Senate President Kathleen Passidomo (239) 250-1642

And when you’re finished, become a member of Florida Gun Owners today – Florida’s ONLY no-compromise grassroots gun rights group!