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Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

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Welcome to Florida Gun Owners!

FGO is just like you: we love God, we love our nation, we love our heritage and we fight like hell to defend it all so that our kids, grandkids and those that follow in our footsteps might have a country worth fighting for long after we are gone.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know our freedoms and the beliefs they’re built on are under attack like we’ve never seen before.

We’re in a full-blown culture war, one in which the Radical Left has no problems bringing to a total collapse, and things appear to only get worse and worse.

Men pretend to be women so they can go compete in ‘Miss Universe’ contests and compete against real female athletes, and are being rewarded for it.

Kids are encouraged to mutilate their bodies, God has been rejected from our schools, the next generation is being taught that there is no right and wrong and to do whatever feels right, and the “graduates” our higher education system is cranking out right and left are growing into full-blown communists.

And they vote!

But as bad as this all seems, it can and will get far worse if we lose our 2nd Amendment.

The Marxists masquerading as Democrats want to totally reconstruct American culture into a totalitarian dystopian nightmare, and the last bulwark standing in their way of accomplishing that goal is our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

To state the obvious, government never gave us that right – it was endowed on us by our Creator and codified in the Bill of Rights.

And we’re sure as hell not going to let them take that away from us without a fight.

So that’s what Florida Gun Owners is bent on doing, and it starts with getting Constitutional Carry on the books.

Unlike a lot of other states across our country, Governor DeSantis has been a rockstar on all of these issues, calling on the Legislature to pass Constitutional Carry and put it on his desk.

But the legislature has been killing Constitutional Carry for years, and even passed a Red Flag Gun Confiscation law in 2018 after Parkland that is being used to take the guns and gun rights away from Floridians by the thousands without due process!

It’s madness, and it’s long past time for a gun rights organization to draw a line in the sand and demand payback for decades of gun owners voting in Republican supermajorities but getting worse than nothing in return.

Enter Florida Gun Owners.

In my time doing gun rights advocacy in other states across America, I’ve learned one thing: unless you are politically feared by the political class, you will never be politically respected.

Believe me, not passing Constitutional Carry over the last five years is a huge sign of disrespect by the Florida Legislature.

Passing Red Flag Gun Confiscation instead was backhand slap on the face of every gun owner in the Sunshine State.

That’s why Florida Gun Owners is going to employ the same devastating political tactics I’ve employed on behalf of Ohio Gun Owners and Georgia Gun Owners to pass Constitutional Carry in 2021 and Stand-Your-Ground law for Ohio Gun Owners in 2020.

It is time for the politicians in Tallahassee to be reminded that they work for us, and that if they do not like it they’re free to face the voters in their districts come election time.

And there are dozens and dozens of unemployed Republican former lawmakers in Ohio, Iowa, Wyoming, Minnesota, Missouri and Georgia that can attest just how politically effective a bunch of angry, mobilized gun voters can be at election time.

That’s Florida Gun Owners’ cup of tea.

I hope that you will consider following us in this battle for freedom and join the grassroots army we are building to win back our freedoms and help keep Florida the freest state in the Union.

We are immediately getting to work passing Constitutional Carry through the Florida legislature this year, and we plan on building a massive grassroots army — from the Panhandle to the Keys — to make it happen

And you know what? We won’t stop until the job is done.

Along the way, we’re going to fight tooth-and-nail to block every single piece of new gun-control introduced, because the Democrats wont’ stop either.

Our pledge to you is to fight like hell for you in Tallahassee and in Washington to protect and expand our gun rights.

We’ll never surrender, and we’ll never compromise.

Please join us and become a member today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director

Florida Gun Owners

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  1. lawrence r.boyd

    full constitutional carry must be passed!


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