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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

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There are two REPUBLICAN politicians in Florida that are blocking the legalization of Open Carry from being added into the Permitless Concealed Carry bills:

Kathleen Passidomo in the Senate and Chuck Brannan in the House.

Remember, open carry has been banned in Florida since 1987 after Janet Reno lobbied the legislature – and it has never been reversed!

This is the same Janet Reno that was a State Attorney in Miami, was the Attorney General under Bill Clinton, and who gave the order to storm the Waco compound with FBI agents – leading to nearly 80 Americans losing their lives, including women and children.

Why on earth are these two ‘Republican’ politicians defending her legacy?

Is it power? Political favors? Greed? A little bit of good ‘ole fashioned grease from the Florida Sheriffs Association? Joe Biden?

We may never know for sure.

But here is what we do know:

  • Only three states outright ban open carry – Illinois, New York, and Florida, but Florida is the only REPUBLICAN state in America to do so.
  • Every other Constitutional Carry state in the nation allows for legal open carry and does not make it a crime.
  • Passidomo, Brannan and others in Tallahassee are selling Permitless Concealed Carry bills to Florida gun owners as ‘Constitutional Carry,’ but even Marion Hammer correctly pointed out late last week that calling both HB543 and SB150 as Constitutional Carry is wrong!
  • Open carry has not led to ‘blood in the streets’ like so many politicized law enforcement agencies have claimed in the past – it had the opposite effect and reduced violent crime rates!
  • Open Carry is even on the books in states like Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and New Jersey!

I could go on and on and on.

This should be a slam dunk no-brainer for Florida Republicans.

Besides, the politicians campaigned at election time on being pro-gun, right?!

Governor Ron DeSantis has publicly called for Open Carry and the Florida Legislature has a supermajority of Republicans (some of the biggest majorities they have had in YEARS!).

There is absolutely no excuse why this cannot be done – and none of the excuses offered are legitimate.

The fact is, the Florida Legislature works for you, not the Sheriffs, not the special interest groups, not the gun-control organizations who are lobbying them to keep Open Carry illegal… YOU!

That’s why you need to call them, text them, leave them a message, message them on social media, and then tell your pro-gun friends and family to do the exact same thing.

Tell them to stop blocking Open Carry in Florida, stop defending Janet Reno’s gun control legacy and amend HB543 and SB150 immediately!

After you’ve called them or sent them a text message, you can also send them a volley of pre-written emails demanding they stop blocking open carry right HERE!

The only way we win this fight is if gun owners are engaged, mobilized, and taking consistent action together!

The fact is, gun owners have been treated very unfairly by our politicians for years now.

In 2018, Tallahassee Republicans added mandatory safe storage laws, raised the age to purchase a long gun in Florida from 18-21, passed a Red Flag Gun Confiscation law that is being used every day to shred the due process rights of Floridians, and mandatory waiting periods – just to name a few.

Its past time the politicians deliver for us, ESPECIALLY when it involves removing the stain of Janet Reno’s legacy from Florida’s laws!

Get in contact with the politicians using the links above right away!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Florida Gun Owners


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    As with surveillance cameras and law enforcement being visible, open carry is a deterrent. The value of clear sight of a gun can deter a criminal from committing a crime. Under conceal carry, no one knows who may have a gun. I believe that open carry will prevent crime wear as conceal carry will just give criminals the false sense of security they need to go ahead with committing a crime. I feel more people will be injured by restricting to only conceal carry.


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