Breaking… ”Assault Weapons” Ban Filed in Congress!

Friday, February 10th, 2023

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Congressional Democrats have just unveiled a massive ‘Assault Weapons’ ban in Washington, D.C. — and you need to weigh in!

This legislation (S. 25/H.R. 698) is a tyrant’s dream come true: it makes it a FELONY for America citizens to buy a 30-round mag, an AR-15, or any one of hundreds of similar rifles and shotguns!

In other words, Biden wants to disarm his political opposition…and we all know why.

Identical legislation passed the House last summer before gun owners killed it off in the Senate.

But don’t think that because Republicans control the House, we’re safe. Almost a dozen RINO traitors voted with Pelosi when this bill came up last year — and they’ll do it again!

In fact, Republicans are the LEAD SPONSORS on a national gun registry bill that was just filed in the House.

Clearly, we can’t trust House Republicans to stop this bill on their own. That’s why you must sign your petition against this bill immediately!

And with Biden having complete control in the Senate, if the House passes this bill, it’s over! Senate Democrats would ‘nuke’ the filibuster, meaning they could pass this with just 51 votes!

Some have asked if this legislation contains a ‘grandfather clause.’ It does. And that’s not a coincidence.

Biden and the Radical Left are hoping that current gun owners will sit back and ignore this because ‘I’ve already got my AR-15.’ Shame on us if we fall for that.

Because if this passes, our children and grandchildren will be effectively disarmed! They are counting on us to defend their rights, now, like our forefathers did for us!

And let’s be honest: the day this bill is signed into law, another bill will be filed to repeal the grandfather clause and round up all of the AR-15s that are in circulation.

My grandfathers have both passed away. But I know that they would never have agreed to something that protects themselves at my expense…neither can we!

After you’ve signed your petition, please make a donation of $17.76 or whatever you can afford to help us push back against this tyrannical legislation.

This is no exaggeration. If this legislation passes we’ll be a conquered people, unable to defend ourselves against criminals, and against a tyrannical government.

Please sign your petition against this bill and make a generous donation today!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director

Florida Gun Owners



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