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Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Chip in $10

By now you’ve heard the news.

The rogue, out-of-control ATF is once again being weaponized against America, raging against our gun rights – but that’s no surprise.

Since the 1930s, the Federal government has been taking away our gun rights piece by piece with little to no resistance.

First, it was banning full autos.

Then it was requiring licenses, fees, and full-on registration of Short-Barreled Rifles and suppressors.

Then it was background checks and adding people to so-called ‘prohibited persons’ lists.

Then they banned bump stocks, then mandated hunks of aluminum be registered…

… and now it is pistol braces.

Are you noticing a trend here?

Because I sure as hell am.

If gun rights organizations and conservative coalitions around the country don’t band together – and FAST – it doesn’t look good for our future Second Amendment freedoms.

We know this for certain: without the Second Amendment, ALL of our freedoms are going to flush down the drain.

Where does it end? What’s the next gun “right” that will be stripped away by these out-of-control tyrants who have no lawful authority to do so? We can’t afford to find out.

Remember, these communists want to take every Ruger 10/22, Mini 14 and Glock that you own.

And that’s just a fact.

Their gun-control agenda is old as the ages: they want you and me and our kids and grandkids to be hopeless, helpless, defenseless serfs, totally unable to fight back against their communist regime, and farmed like animals to keep them in power.

But that’s where YOU, FGO’s grassroots army, comes into the picture.

You see, Florida is still a sovereign state.

And as a sovereign state, Florida has co-equal authority to the federal government, which means that the federal government cannot tell the state of Florida what to do.

That’s why Florida Gun Owners is excited about the ace-in-the-hole we have up our sleeves called the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”

We can stop and block the vast majority of unconstitutional federal gun-control laws, executive orders and rogue-agency-rule here in Florida by passing SAPA law.

Missouri did it in 2021, and Merrick Garland’s DOJ-fed lawyers have been going scorched earth trying to get it struck down in court, but our sister organization, the Missouri Firearms Coalition, has beaten them like a rag doll at every turn.

It’s that good.

And we feel very confident that it won’t be struck down in federal court, which is where it is currently at.

Why you ask?

Because SAPA uses the 10th Amendment and the anti-commandeering doctrine to prohibit the federal government from commandeering Florida’s state and local law enforcement agencies, all the way from the State Highway Patrol to your County Sheriff.

SAPA law also prohibits Florida law enforcement agencies from entering into joint-task forces with federal law enforcement agencies for purposes of enforcing these unconstitutional edicts!

In cases like Murphy v NCAA (2018), NFIB v Sebelius (2012), New York v United States (1997), Prinz v United States (1997) and Prigg v Pennsylvania (1842), the US Supreme Court ruled and has upheld that the federal government cannot ‘commandeer’ state resources to enforce federal law.

Simply put, SAPA slams the brakes on the weaponized ATF like they’ve never seen.

Not only that, but SAPA has real teeth in it, because it slaps on a hefty civil penalty for law enforcement agencies that violate the law by enforcing unconstitutional federal gun-control tyranny!

SAPA is exactly what the Florida Legislature needs to pass to block the rogue ATF.

But in order to get the job done, we need your help to bring as much political heat as possible when the Legislature gets back to Tallahassee.

Please click and submit our SAPA petition to your State Representative and State Senator demanding that they take up SAPA law IMMEDIATELY and pass it into law!


And after you’ve signed your petition, I hope you’ll consider chipping in $17.76 or even $10 to help us put massive pressure on specific legislators in Tallahassee that we know will be working to block this bill!

We need to act on this now, not wait until the ATF is going door-to-door with Florida law-enforcement agents demanding that you turn over your pistol braces.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director

Florida Gun Owners



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